KD-8 is the Pandora belonging to Tella Holloway during the course of the Brimstone Bleed. He is a fox (small-scale)[1], with black fur and green eyes that let off light whenever he "scans" a Pandora so that he is able to replicate it later(source needed).

KD-8 was found by Tella Holloway under a bookcase during the Pandora Selection Process. His egg was cracked and said to be "dull" and did not have the shimmering qualities the other eggs did[source needed]. Once inside the race, Tella grew very attached to him even before he came from his egg. She sang him "the sicky song", a song sung by Tella's mother when Tella or Cody was sick[source needed].

Abilities Edit

Madox has the ability to replicate other Pandoras' appearances, and it is the only ability he has shown thus far. He is only able to mimic them after "scanning them" with his eyes as they glow bright green. He uses this ability multiple times.

Sources Edit

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